Structural Steel

Structural steel is the most popular framing material for non-residential buildings in the United States. Steel members, commonly referred to as beams and columns, form the skeleton of the building supporting all of the other components of the building.

The selection of a framing system for a building is a critical process that requires evaluating many competing factors. Perhaps the best way to recognize the benefits that any material brings to a project is to simply ask the question, “If I could develop a material that would best satisfy the requirements for building construction, what would it be like?” The answer would be that it would:

  • Be the benchmark against which all other materials are compared
  • Be sustainable in every sense of the word
  • Conserve our natural resources
  • Be valuable at the end of it’s life
  • Be strong in both compression and tension
  • Innovative
  • Be shop fabricated for enhanced productivity and tight tolerances
  • Allow for the opportunity to optimize cost and schedule through integrating the design and construction process
  • Be easily erected in the field allowing for straight forward integration with other building systems
  • Allow for the acceleration of project schedules
  • Easily handle future field modifications to adapt to changing building requirements
  • Be cost effective
  • Drive improved industry productivity
  • Be aesthetically pleasing
  • Allow for ease of design, yet be able to handle innovative design approaches

Fortunately, it is not necessary to develop a new building material. Structural steel effectively addresses each of those desires. We invite you to explore our partner association's website to learn more about structural steel and the advantages it brings to construction project.