Terms and Conditions

A life cycle inventory (LCI) study has been carried out by the World Steel Association (worldsteel) to quantify resource use, energy, and environmental emissions associated with the processing of steel industry products, from the extraction of raw materials in the ground through to the steel factory gate.

LCI data were calculated for products derived via the blast furnace/basic oxygen furnace route (based on iron ore and steel scrap) and the electric arc furnace route (mainly based on steel scrap). The products are of general relevance to a wide range of downstream applications including those in the construction, automotive, and packaging sectors.

A key goal of worldsteel and the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) is to provide support on the environmental credentials of steel to customers and users of steel, with the intention that specifiers and users of these materials have access to relevant data to facilitate their own informed decision-making. In this regard, worldsteel and SRI are willing to support the implementation of this database in LCA software and LCA tools.

By using the data, you agree with the following points:

  • The worldsteel LCI database is provided free of charge and may not be sold to other parties.
  • When the worldsteel database is included in a database for different products, it shall be supplied with the main database of the software (or tool), i.e., at no extra cost for the buyer, nor as an extra library.
  • The data sheets shall include a reference source (i.e., contact details either for the worldsteel and SRI web sites or directly to the worldsteel and SRI LCA Managers: www.worldsteel.org, www.steel-recycle.org).
  • The 2011 worldsteel LCI Methodology Report shall be provided upon request to users of the data.
  • Version updates will be available following data improvements and extra LCI information supplied by companies around the world. Please accept these updates (e.g., version changes), and update the database system as required.
  • The database vendor will provide worldsteel with information about the users of the database (e.g., on a 6-monthly basis, and at least once a year).
  • The datasheets are supplied only for the purpose of the study for which they were requested. Should they be required for any another purpose, worldsteel or SRI must be contacted beforehand.
  • The user shall not provide the database on public websites or communicate the full inventories externally without worldsteel or SRI agreement.
  • The user shall not tamper with the LCI data in any way.