Steel cans:

  • Are tamper resistant
  • Protect products from outside contaminants such as oxygen, water and light
  • The most recycled food packaging
  • Are used to pack more than 1,500 food items as well as paint, health and beauty products and household products
  • Are designed for optimal collection for end-of-life scenarios
  • Optimize materials and energy conservation

Steel packaging is the metal of choice for today’s savvy consumers interested in sustainability and value for their money. Since fruits and vegetables are picked and packed in steel cans within hours of harvesting, canned foods offer freshness and nutrients that can surpass even fresh produce, which lose nutrients from the moment they are picked until transported to the store and consumed. The shelf stability of canned food helps provide convenient nutrition straight from the kitchen pantry.

Every day, consumers continue the life cycle of the steel can as it moves from the home to the recycling bin. More than 18,000 curbside, drop-off and buyback programs accept steel cans, which provides access to steel can recycling for more than 160 million consumers across America. Scrap is an essential raw material in making new steel, and more steel is recycled annually than paper, plastic, aluminum and glass combined.

Today’s steel cans, cars, buildings and bridges will still be in use in some product form hundreds of years from now — the very definition of sustainability.

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