Steel Recycling Logos

Consumers are looking for quality, product integrity and environmental compatibility in the products that they buy. Steel has a tradition of meeting and advancing these demands in every product application.

Displaying any of the steel family of logos on your products helps you to communicate the added care and quality that you have put into your product, as well as your concern for the environment.



The Steel Recycling Institute logo is mainly for the internal use of the Steel Recycling Institute for its letterhead, literature, PPT, and other promotion and media outreach. However, the Steel Recycling Institute also approves this logo for the authorized identification of the Steel Recycling Institute for educational purposes, such as in magazine articles, website links, program flyers, and conference literature.

It may be used in other printed and electronic media with the advance permission of the Steel Recycling Institute. For questions or concerns regarding the use of the Steel Recycling Institute logo, please contact Jim Woods at 412.922.2772 x215. 


This logo is for use on all-steel food, beverage, and general purpose cans of all sizes and shapes in its complete form, that is, the stylized chasing arrows with the word "STEEL" inside. Color is preferred; black and white is acceptable. This logo also can be used for other steel products, including appliances, hand tools, and construction materials and displayed on packaging and/or websites in your effort to educate consumers on your product’s recyclability.

The logo shall not be used with recycling commentary on the label since the logo clearly conveys the desired message of recyclability.

Manufacturers may freely download this logo but are requested to contact the Steel Recycling Institute to advise of product lines and implementation dates. For questions or concerns regarding the use of the Steel Recycling Institute logo, please contact Jim Woods at 412.922.2772 x215.